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Accuray Mechanical possesses the expertise to quickly diagnose plumbing problems and offer effective solutions. DIY repairs often worsen existing damage, leading to further costly repairs in the future.

Water Heaters: Installation and maintenance are essential to maximizing their performance and lifespan, with professional plumbers trained in installation, repair, servicing, and warranty options ensuring the safe operation of these appliances.

Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters require top-notch plumbers with expert knowledge to install and maintain them correctly, so professional plumbers are best placed to assess your home’s needs and recommend the appropriate tankless water heater size and model while also overseeing proper installation and ongoing care.

Drain Cleaning: Clogged drains can quickly lead to backups and sewage issues if left unaddressed promptly and correctly. Professional plumbers possess the tools and experience necessary to quickly clear clogs without causing irreparable harm to your plumbing system.

Water Leaks: Water leaks can do extensive damage to your home quickly if left unaddressed. Our professional plumbers at Accuray Mechanical will quickly detect and repair leaks to protect against water damage and mold growth.

Main Line Repair: Water leaks in your main line can wreak havoc with your plumbing system and compromise its functionality, affecting everything from how water flows throughout your home to its functionality. The reputable plumbers at Accuray Mechanical have the tools and expertise necessary to identify and rectify main water line issues quickly, restoring water flow as soon as possible to restore proper functioning in your home.

Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting is an efficient way of clearing away stubborn clogs from pipes, making the pipes run freely again. At Accuray, we utilize specialized equipment for performing hydrojetting safely and effectively to restore optimal pipe health.

Toilet Repair: When it comes to toilet issues like clogs, leaks, or running toilets requiring repair, professional assistance should always be sought to ensure effective solutions and avoid further damage. Our licensed plumbers have experience diagnosing and fixing such issues quickly restoring proper functionality in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling: Updating or renovating your bathroom typically includes plumbing modifications and installations, so hiring the pros at Accuray Mechanical will assist during this process and can ensure everything is installed according to code and installed correctly.

Ceiling Leaks: Ceiling leaks may indicate an urgent plumbing problem, such as a burst pipe or roof leakage. We will identify the source of the leak and make only necessary repairs to prevent further structural damage to your home.

Leak Detection: Leak detection can be challenging when hidden behind walls or underground, but our leak detection experts at Accuray have access to advanced leak detection equipment and techniques that help pinpoint leaks accurately while mitigating damage during repairs.

Hiring a professional plumbing company for residential plumbing services ensures the job will be completed efficiently from start to finish, saving money and minimizing damage to your home. Accuray plumbers provide the knowledge, experience, and tools required to address various plumbing issues safely and effectively – giving you peace of mind knowing your plumbing system is in safe hands.

Hiring a professional Plumbing Company will help you avoid these common pitfalls:

Avoiding plumbing companies that take shortcuts is of vital importance for homeowners looking to preserve the integrity and functionality of their plumbing systems. While cheaper or faster solutions might seem tempting, hiring one may have much bigger repercussions than any savings realized initially. Here is why such companies must be avoided, along with the potential drawbacks of choosing quick fixes over quality service in this comprehensive overview.

Plumbing systems are intricate networks of pipes, fixtures, and appliances that work in unison to deliver clean water into homes while simultaneously collecting waste for disposal. Any compromise in their integrity can cause all manner of issues ranging from minor leaks to catastrophic breakdowns; when homeowners entrust their plumbing needs to companies who prioritize shortcuts over quality craftsmanship, they expose themselves to risks that may cost significantly and impact daily life significantly.

One of the chief risks of hiring a plumbing company that takes shortcuts is subpar workmanship. Experienced and reputable plumbers undergo stringent training and certification processes to ensure they possess all of the knowledge and expertise required to address complex plumbing challenges; on the other hand, companies that prioritize shortcuts may employ workers with limited training or experience leading to costly errors and subpar workmanship that results in improper fixtures installed, poor repairs completed improperly and even health hazards as a result of poor craftsmanship.

Shortcut plumbing companies use inferior materials and equipment in an attempt to save both time and money, leading them down an unnecessary path. While homeowners may see lower upfront costs from such shortcuts, this can create long-term issues: Cheap materials are more susceptible to corrosion, degradation, and failure compromising the reliability and longevity of plumbing systems while substandard equipment may lead to inaccurate diagnoses that exacerbate existing issues, necessitating additional service calls from these short-sighted firms.

Hired plumbing companies that cut corners may present immediate dangers, but their potential long-term implications can also be serious. Improper installations or repairs may weaken structural integrity and increase leaks or bursts requiring costly renovations to fix. Furthermore, repeated service calls and ongoing maintenance costs often outweigh initial savings associated with hiring cut-rate companies.

Homeowners who opt for quick fixes over quality service may face legal and regulatory consequences in addition to subpar workmanship and materials. Many jurisdictions impose stringent building codes and regulations regarding plumbing installations and repairs to ensure the safety of occupants, so companies who take shortcuts or fail to abide by them may face fines, penalties, or legal liabilities; homeowners who hire such companies could be held accountable for code violations and may struggle to recover damages should disputes arise or litigation be pursued against them.

At its core, hiring a plumber shouldn’t just come down to cost or convenience alone – rather its reputation, credentials, and commitment to quality should play an equal role. By prioritizing professionalism, expertise, and integrity in choosing their plumbing company they can mitigate risks associated with subpar workmanship while assuring long-term reliability and performance of their system. Investing upfront may seem costly but ultimately hiring an established plumbing company is often worthwhile in saving both time, money, and stress in the future – plumbing shouldn’t be taken lightly! Cutting corners when hiring someone else could mean saving time, money, and stress in the long run – saving homeowners both time, money, AND stress later on down the line.

Clogged Drain Clearing
Instead of dumping chemical cleaners down your drain, give us a call for a safer, longer-lasting solution.
Faucet, Fixture
Whether the problem is a dripping faucet or a leaky pipe, we can solve it! We can also install new faucets, fixtures, and pipes for remodels and new builds.
Close up of hand of repairman, professional builder working indoors, repairing
Your sump pump plays an important role in diverting water out of your basement. We can help you make sure it’s always working properly.
Water Heaters
We can repair and install gas, electric, tankless, and solar water heaters.
Two-stage water softening system
We’re able to install and repair all components of water softeners and purifiers, including filters, dispensers, neutralizers, and more.
Residential Services
We provide high-quality residential HVAC and plumbing services: efficient, reliable, professional solutions.
Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of industrial power
We provide high-quality commercial HVAC and plumbing services: efficient, reliable, professional solutions.
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We provide expert drain cleaning: swift, thorough, restoring plumbing health.

Kanaluntersuchung, Kanalinspektion mit Kamera
We provide expert drain cleaning with HD camera inspections.
New Construction
We specialize in new construction and remodels, delivering quality craftsmanship and innovative design solutions.
Circular Saw, carpenter using a circular saw for wood
We excel in new construction and tenant fit-outs, offering tailored solutions with precision and expertise.
We specialize in new fixture replacement and repair, ensuring seamless installations and lasting functionality.
steel pipelines and cables in a plant
We expertly install new gas piping, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Fragments of gas processing equipment
We specialize in medical gas piping, ensuring precision installations for critical healthcare environments with utmost safety.
gas boiler repair service, preparation for heating
We offer expert boiler repairs, promptly restoring functionality with precision, ensuring reliable heating solutions for clients.
new car radiator
We provide efficient radiator repairs, restoring warmth and comfort with expertise, ensuring reliable heating solutions.
Worker installing new wooden laminate over underfloor heating sy
We specialize in radiant floor heating systems, offering cozy warmth and energy efficiency through expert installations.


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Accuray Mechanical serves New Haven County, Connecticut and the surroundings, offering honest service.

Out of our radius? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Proudly Serving Areas


Accuray Mechanical serves New Haven County, Connecticut and the surroundings, offering honest service.
Out of our radius? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!
Proudly Serving Areas